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Over the past few weeks I’ve been discussing dreams and the importance of discovering them, fulfilling them, and visualizing them.  Today’s blog will help you ignite your dreams by attaining an accountability partner.  Hopefully you’ve been on this journey with me and participating in the steps.  Thus, a special guest blogger and good friend Sharmetra Pittman, Life Empowerment Strategist will discuss this topic.

Who’s Really On Your Team? By Sharmetra Pittman, Life Empowerment Strategist

When you get to that point in your life when you are ready to move to the next level, one of the steps that you must take is to change the people that you hang around with or in other words CHANGE THE TEAM YOU ARE RIDING WITH!  When you get ready to make that move, it is important to have people on your team that are going to give support, motivate, encourage, inspire, and give you that swift kick in the butt that you need during those times when you feel like giving up! Basically, you need an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER!


In spiritual terms, accountability simply means “standing in for God”.  An accountability partner who not only believes in you, but also believes in Christ makes the unseen presence of God very real.  Having an accountability partner may seem very simple; however, all accountability partners are not the right fit for every situation.


Your accountability partner should be someone who is NOT afraid to keep it real with you!  Your partner should offer support, encouragement, and a swift kick in the butt if you start falling off your route.  You should sit down with your partner to discuss exactly what it is that you want to accomplish and allow them to hold you accountable for doing so.  Discuss how the accountability will be tracked (daily or weekly emails, texts, etc.). MAKE A COMMITMENT TO GET SERIOUS AND START DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!


Step 1:  Make a list of your closest friends and be real with yourself about who is truly for you and who needs to be placed on the bench.  BE HONEST! 

Step 2:  The next thing to do is to let the “benchwarmers” know that their services are no longer needed.

Step 3:  Give your real team members a pep talk about the journey you’re about to embark on, as well as your expectations of them while you are on this journey.  If they are your TRUE friends, then they will be ready and willing to support you anyway that they can!

Sharmetra Pittman is a Life Empowerment Strategist and the C.E.O. of Empowering Minds Enterprises.  She is a wife, mother of 3, student, teacher, motivator, inspiration, encourager, and a woman with a passion for EMPOWERING women of all ages.  She is on a journey to create her own lane in the Universe. She is dedicated to being transparent so that others may learn from her past choices in order to understand her present life and become motivated and inspired to create their own future.   Empowering Minds Enterprises offers a wide range of strategies, skills, and resources to help you get optimistic about life and begin to live the best life that God intended for you to live. Stay connected Sharmetra Pittman, Life Empowerment Strategist!  Subscribe to her blog (www.sharmetrapittman.com), Facebook (facebook.com/teampittman), Pinterest and follow me on Twitter (@metrapittman)