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Ummm….who she think she is?  Ummm…she ain’t all that.   Ummm…must be nice!  Ummm…she acts funny now.   I’m sure you and your girlfriends have all used these phrases one time of another toward another female.   Whether you contemplated it or verbalized it.  I’m guilty, I’ve done this also.  Why the stank attitude?   Why all the hating?   Why the pre conceived notions?  Sadly shaking my head and *tapping my stiletto* why are you so preoccupied with someone else?  Why are you in someone else’s lane?  Why not celebrate with her instead of envying her?

You don’t know what she went through to achieve her success.  You don’t know how many sleepless nights she’s had, you don’t know how many heart breaks she’s had, and you don’t know how she’s poured out her love, treasures, talents, and time for others only to receive nothing in return.  You don’t know how she sacrificed to achieve her degree, you don’t know how she sacrificed to maintain her household and take care of her kids, and you don’t know how she sacrificed to keep her business a flow.  You don’t know how she’s labored in difficulty to birth her dreams.

Until you walk in her Stilettos, zip your lip!!   A woman only tells you what she wants you to know.  Just because she shared a few things with you, you assume you know her.  Chile please, you can’t even fathom her journey or walk a mile in her stilettos.  You’ll never know all of her secrets unless she bares her soul to you.  She walks in grace, in love, and in joy because she refuses to let society destroy her or man label her.  She proudly wears confidence, radiance, and peace because she knows that her faith is greater than what she sees.

To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others  ~ “The Secret”