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Name: Mark Robinson
Hometown: New York bred, New Jersey raised, Virginia(current residence)
Mark is a loving father, Air Force Veteran, model, actor and director. He’s passionate about theater!!

LF: What inspired you to pursue fashion and acting?
MR: I was a designer briefly after high school but soon after I joined the Air Force. Years later when I moved to Virginia I decided to pursue my dreams again; thus, I connected with a modeling agency and I’ve been doing modeling, acting, and directing since then.
LF: How do you define fashion?
MR: Fashion is a sense of style and how you feel about yourself. It really gives you a view of a person.
LF: Who are some of your favorite designers?
MR: Versace his work is artistic and he motivated me to design.
LF: How would you describe your personal style? Do you prefer to wear a tie or bow tie?
MR: I like to keep it simple and play it safe. But every now and then I experiment with bold colors like purple and aqua blue. “Color brings change” and I feel more confident when I wear bold colors. I’m a tie man!
LF: What are some of your favorite brands to wear? What is your shoe game like?
MR: H&M, Express, and American Eagle and I prefer casual shoes like: boat shoes, loafers, and Aldo for a classy look.
LF: What are some plays you’ve directed? What projects are you working on now?
MR: I directed “What She won’t do for Love,” “What about your Friends,” and “Estranged.” I’m currently directing “I’m Tired of Paying these Bills all by Myself.” It’s debut is scheduled for October 12th & 13th this year.
LF: That’s awesome!! I know you’re excited!! What are your future goals?
MR: Yes I am, thank you!! I want to venture into commercials and complete some of my personal projects.
LF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
MF: I value family time and cooking.

You can connect with Mark on Facebook

Mark was so kind to give us a preview of three looks: Dressy, Casual and Business 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Suit & Shirt(Express), Vest(H&M), Tie(K&G Fashion), Shoes(Aldo)


Jeans(Old Navy)slim fit, Shirt(H&M), Shoes(Journeys)Vans


Slacks & Shirt(Express), Shoes(Aldo)