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love blogName: Bernice Bell
Hometown: Manhattan, New York raised in Seattle, Washington currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia
Bernice is passionate about helping others live a better life.

LF: Tell me a bit about yourself.
BB: I love people and I have a talent for being in tune to the needs of others. That’s why I enjoy working in the Human Services field.
LF: When did you two meet?
BB: I met Brian Dunham in 1999 and we became friends at church. We lost contact and dated other people in 2002. But deep inside I always knew it was something special about him though.
LF: When did you reconnect with Brian?
BB: Moving on with our lives, clueless to what the other person was doing. He had gotten married and retired from the army and moved to New York. While I was busy in Texas working. In 2010, we were reconnected via Face book and I discovered he was currently divorced.
LF: Wow that’s interesting, when did you two start dating again?
BB: We started this year in July long distance of course. Eventually we took our relationship further and commuted to Virginia and New York to visit each other. Soon after, on Labor Day he proposed to me!!!
LF: How did you know your fiancé was the one?
BB: I dated a few guys before Brian. But I knew he was the one when I shared everything about myself with him including my darkest secrets and he still accepted me. I’ll never forget his response, “I still love you.” That captivated my heart.
LF: What do you love about your fiancé?
BB: I love Brian’s sensitive heart and servant attitude and adoration of me. I get to be a diva and a princess around him.
LF: What advice do you have for single women waiting for their special moment?
BB: Pray, don’t settle, modify any list you have and see what is essential in a man.
LF: How did Brian propose to you?
BB: He surprised me by coming in town to take my family and me out to dinner. However, when he got to my house to take us out he got on one knee and said, “I really really love you!!! Will you please marry me?” Overwhelmed with joy I eagerly said yes and gave him a kiss!!!
LF: That’s wonderful!! When is your wedding?
BB: We plan to marry in February 2014.
LF: Awwww,…..how sweet the month of love. Congratulations again and I wish you two the best!!!
*Love has no boundaries and what’s meant to be will be. Don’t let your past or current state scare you; when it’s your season everything will align.*