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I challenge you to spread love this season as never before. Someone needs it!! Do random acts of kindness, smile, listen, share, give, call or visit someone. Spread love!!!!

Remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!! We’re celebrating his birth and endless love for us. So if you don’t get everything on your Christmas list don’t complain about it. But count your blessings and thank God for everything you have. Someone wishes they had your family, your job, your house, your car or simply a warm meal.

Quality time with your family and friends is important. It’s the precious memories people cherish that will last a lifetime. Don’t stress this holiday over finances and gifts enjoy the simple pleasures such as decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, making ornaments, and curling up by the fireplace and watching a movie or playing games with your loved ones.

If you’re feeling lonely or depressed know that you matter to God. You are valuable. He loves you like crazy!!! Wishing you joy, love, peace and a Merry Christmas!!