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me n play22LF: Tell me a little about yourself.
FC: I’m a single mother of four and I love to encourage people!! I assume I get that from my mother. In my eyes she was a fearless soldier of God. When I learned that she was a writer but never pursued it because of her kids. It pushed me to never give up on a dream.
LF: What do you do?
FC: I am a blogger, a playwright and soon to be screenwriter.
LF: How did you get into this profession?
FC: I actually stumbled into this after I lost my job of thirteen years. Back in 2009 it felt like God was sitting me down to stir up my gifts. I discussed it with my nephew who owns a production company and with a little bit of hard work and prayer the rest is history.
LF: What current projects are you working on?
FC: Wow, what am I not working on would be easier to say lol..but I would have to say whatever God inspires me to do. So currently I am working on a web-series called Eve’s Haiku which targets a Christian single practicing celibacy. No one really addresses such a profound subject. Also I’m working on my next play coming in 2014, called “The Secret she Never Told” and I will tour “Cast the First Stone” my last play again. I stay pretty busy, but; I love writing and I am blessed with such a wonderful gift!
LF: That’s awesome, I look forward to seeing your work. What are your future goals?
FC: I would love to bring Hollywood to Hampton Roads, because I feel that there is a lot of talent here and I don’t need to go after Robin Givens or Denzel Washington when I have the talented resources here, who are just as great. I love to pull out the underdogs and surprise my audiences so they wonder where my awesome actors came from and I won’t stop until I achieve that.
LF: What advice do you have for those who desire to pursue the entertainment industry?
FC: Well my advice is don’t be afraid to start small, do gigs for free that display your  passion and build your brand through the support of family and friends. As long as you have solid supporters the sky is the limit. Look on craigslist for acting or singing gigs, sign up with local talent agents that usually don’t charge you, and its really doing your homework and remaining to be seen through different arenas.
LF: How do you balance work and family life?
FC: I would say by the grace of God, maintaining a family and a career is challenging but when I get to far off track I reach for my bible for guidance. I am blessed with wonderful kids and I teach them to pursue their dreams. The sky is the limit and through Christ you can do anything and I believe this with all my heart.
LF: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?
FC: My faith in God I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Him being in my life I would be lost so being a Christian would be my greatest accomplishment and being a mom.
LF: How can we connect with you?
CF: Connect with me Facebook, Eve’s Haiku Web-Series                            Twitter, Eve’s Haiku 
Email: floriacomeaux@yahoo.com