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1. Develop daily QT(Quality Time) with God through prayer, praise, worship and meditation. He longs to spend time with you. Even if its 15 minutes a day give Him His time.
2. Be good to yourself. Live, love, and laugh!!! Get rest, relax and enjoy life!!!
3. Finish or create your vision board for 2014. (Review a former post Visualize your Dreams)
4. Write or finish your goals and dreams for 2014 and find an accountability partner
to help you stay focused. (Review former post Accountability: Who’s Really On Your Team?)
5. Develop a healthier lifestyle by implementing exercise, more fruits & veggies, and more H20. Take care of your temple you only get one body.
6. Work on becoming a better you instead of judging others. Elevate your mind, spirit, and body with good energy.
7. Spread love and smile its contagious.

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