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LF: Tell me a little about yourself.i-c2KCjKq-S-1

KM: I was born in Houston, Texas and have been a Hampton Roads resident for the last twenty years. My family roots span every state across the south from Texas to Florida and Georgia. I am the oldest of four and a mother of two–one daughter, Leila and one son, Micah. I currently work as an insurance claims adjuster for the states of Virginia and North Carolina and have been employed with my company (GEICO) for almost twelve years now.

KM: I have been involved in pageantry for more than ten years. My first pageant in 2001 was—unbeknownst to me—a preliminary pageant in the Miss America program. I only entered because I saw that there was a scholarship award for the winner…I had no clue what I was getting into. Needless to say I did not win, but at the end of the ordeal I had a surge of confidence now knowing what to expect. I did my homework and went on to compete in my second pageant—Miss Virginia Teen All American—where I was runner-up. This placement allowed me the opportunity to compete at the national Miss Teen All American pageant. I didn’t win or place, but I enjoyed the thrill and this pushed me to continue to compete. I was later runner-up in the 2010 Miss Virginia American Coed Pageant…and in 2008 I began competing in the Miss United States Organization. I was a finalist and Miss Congeniality at the Virginia State competition in 2008, and a finalist in 2011. I had the urge to compete again, and in 2012 I was crowned Ms Virginia United States and advanced to compete in the Ms United States national pageant. After an extremely successful year as a title holder, making seventy-two appearances in just fifty-two weeks, I was approached by the national director and asked to represent the state of Mississippi for the 2013 title year—also competing in the 2013 Miss United States national pageant.

LF: How do you define beauty?

KM: Beauty to me begins with the love of and belief in oneself. That love evolves and develops into self-confidence…it is that outward expression of confidence that radiates from an individual and makes her shine. Someone who loves themselves and has that confidence has accepted their individuality and is comfortable in the uniqueness, embracing the things that make them beautiful just the way they were created.

LF: How did it feel to win the crown for Miss Virginia in 2012 and Miss Mississippi in 2013?466290_3421806699422_1097830275_33391967_135779505_o

KM: Winning the crowns was surreal. I had always daydreamed about what it would be like to have my name announced as a title holder and having the crown, sash, and flowers placed on me…but when it happened, it was literally like a dream. There was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and at the same time humbleness, as I knew what responsibilities and requirements were waiting for me in the year ahead.

LF: What current projects are you working on?

KM: Well, with the success of my two reigns, I was allowed a directorship under the Miss United States Organization. I am the director of the Miss Hampton Roads United States Organization, and was also recently appointed state director of the Little Miss & Pre-Teen Miss United States Organizations in VA, MD, DC, and DE. Miss Hampton Roads United States will be crowning our third court on February 1, 2014 at the Virginia Beach Central Library Auditorium. I am very proud of the ladies that have represented Hampton Roads thus far, and look forward to the year ahead with our new title holders as they reach out into the community.

LF: What are your future goals?

KM: My goal always has been and will continue to be to build and leave a legacy of excellence, achievement, and passion for helping others build themselves up in confidence and love. I want to see my children, as well as others, to live to their full potential and be an inspiration to others so that they may do the same changing the world one person at a time.

LF: What advice do you have for those who desire to pursue the pageant industry?

KM: To just do it! Don’t doubt yourself or psych yourself into thinking you’re not good enough to compete. Pageantry is all about grace, poise, and confidence. As long as you remain confident in yourself and remain comfortable in your own skin, you have just as good a chance in winning a title as the next contestant. Also, remember to have fun. If you have fun while competing, you’ll be relaxed and able to let everyone see your true self. Just be you.

LF: What inspired you to keep going and never give up?

KM: I always push myself to do my best in everything I do. With each competition, as with everything in life, I learn something new or discover something that I could have done differently to yield better results. So each time, I build upon the last experience to push myself to see how far I can get.

LF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?Ms MS card

KM: In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my kids and relaxing. They love nostalgic TV, so a lot of our down time is spent watching classic shows and marathons. I also enjoy baking a lot and have been known to make a pound cake or two from scratch when I get bored!

LF: How do you balance work and family life?

KM: I am still trying to figure out exactly how it all works! 🙂 In all honesty, I make sure that home, work, and family are taken care of first. Everything else pageantry, appearances, etc..is all done during any free time that I have…which ends up keeping me going non-stop. I don’t complain about it though. I’m ruthless when it comes to multitasking so my drive keeps me motivated…that and I’m doing what I love. That makes it all easier.

LF: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

KM: I think my greatest accomplishment thus far would have to be achieving my goal at being beyond the best that I can be at any task presented with. Whether it is parenting, work, pageantry, or community service. I have and will always pour everything I have inside whatever it is that I do. I lay it all on the line so that when I look back, I know I put forth my best effort and have no regrets.

LF: How can we connect with you?
KM: Instagram: @iamkcimone
Twitter: @MSVAUS2012 & @Msmsus2013
Facebook: /msvaus2013…/msmsus2013…/misshruspageants