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I thought I knew love not long ago

I knew the sting of its pain

I knew it lied often and was deceptive

Love hurts they say, and I knew it

I felt loves hurt for many years

I would even say that I was a pro in loves games

Until two years ago when I met love for the very first time

This was different from the love I knew, this love was true

I kept expecting the sting of its pain but received a soothing for all of my past hurts

I waited for the lies and deception to be revealed but kept finding myself deeper in truth

This love was real

For all the tears I shed, this love filled me with joy

This love heals

When I had nothing to offer but a million pieces of a heart once whole

This love somehow managed to put those tiny pieces perfectly back in place

Even thought I hurt Him too many times to count He remained faithful

I learned Him so I could start offering Him the best love I had

He guides me, and even in the dark I am assured because He always holds my hand

He is gentleman, never forceful but always putting my best interest first

This love is selfless

This love even gave His life…for me

This loves name is Jesus

This is a love that’s true

IMG_5103Andrea Wyche is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She is active in her local ministry, where she writes, “The Water Weekly”, a bi-weekly newsletter, and is passionate about using her words to encourage God’s people. She is also the founder of the blog www.Choosetobealady.com and hopes to inspire girls to make the choice to be a lady of Christ and not of the world.  Andrea’s first book, “That Longing in Your Heart: A Study Guide for Young Ladies Searching for MORE” will be available on Amazon early February 2014. To learn more or contact Andrea Wyche, send an email to Choosetobealady@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter or Instagram @LadyDreJoy.