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A Father’s Love

When I think about God’s blessings in my life, one that organically comes to mind is in the earthy Father God has given me. The love that my father displays to me has shaped me into who I am today. But if there is one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that we all have varying experiences with our fathers.

There are those of us who have wonderful fathers in the home that have really made a difference in our lives. There are some of us who may have had fathers in our lives but never truly shared a relationship with them. And then in other cases, some of us didn’t grow up with a father in our presence at all. We never experienced a father who affirmed us. Who provided for us or who loved us. And so in times where we celebrate “Father’s Day,” we may find it difficult because we may not feel like we have someone to honor and it may bring floods of emotions that make us think we are less than.

I want to take this time to share words of life to those who have felt and feel the latter. Though I can’t speak from experience, I will encourage from God’s word. Never to diminish the importance of a father’s role, I will say even with a great father in my life, I’ve learned that it could never replace the importance of understanding God’s unconditional and unrelentless love for me and embracing it so much that I stood on His love before I allowed my Earthly father’s love to affect me.

Has my father’s love and presence made a difference in how I view life? It certainly has. But I’ve learned it will never be enough. And so I speak to you, if you’ve never felt enough because you didn’t have a father’s hand to guide you and affirm you, let me tell you that You are MORE than ENOUGH because your Heavenly Father and His fullness lives within you and has affirmed you and continues to affirm you through His love.

To my sisters, if you’ve never felt beautiful enough because your earthly father never told you, I will tell you this– Your Heavenly Father intimately and fearfully knitted you in your mother’s womb and kissed you with a kiss of internal beauty that glows externally because you are loved by the God of beauty.

To my brothers, if you’ve never felt like you were acknowledged by the man you looked up to or wanted to look up to, I want to encourage you that you are still a man of valor and purpose—with strength and dignity He has called you to the priest of your home. He has called you to protect. He affirms you as a man of God.

The hurt may still be there but if there is one thing I can say, God does ALL things well. Only in God’s hands will a father’s absence in our lives turn around and there still be a presence of joy, love, affirmation, provision, care and commitment because we know Him and are known by Him and most of all, we are DEEPLY loved by Him.

I pray that you are reminded that you are more than enough and you’ve become and are becoming everything that God wants you to be regardless of an earthly father’s presence. He loves and adores you and desires for you to see yourself as a daughter and a son of our Heavenly Father.

Peace, love, and blessings,

Yodit Kifle is a servant. Follower. Leader. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Visionary. Advocate. Creator. Teacher. Writer. Singer. Worshipper. Encourager. Inspirer. Connector. Thinker—and whatever else God helps her discover she is. She has a passion for life and living it on purpose. She founded WITHIN ministry from a passion to encourage women to live their lives worthy of their calling. And she Co-Founded Disturbed2Deliver-a ministry that seeks to bring awareness to sex trafficking in the U.S.A. She currently released her first book—a 30 Day devotional entitled “Every Day with My Maker”
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