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Sea of Stars

The clouds take over the sky

This is the last goodbye

All that remains is lingering hope

There’s no possibility she can cope

The stars once sparkled with pride

The heavens tried to guide

She feels the rain pour down hard on her

But she is the one who caused the storm

The gods had warned her that once it began, it wouldn’t stop

These are the ways of the celestial clock

The black hole is willingly taking lives tonight

She begs and pleads for one last try

So here she is,

Drowning in the clouds, rather than swimming in the sea of stars


Jasmine Kaur Mann was born and raised in Michigan but relocated to Southern California to enter the corporate and creative world in 2013. She was crowned Miss India North America 2015 and recently released her first poetry book, Swimming in Stars. Grab your copy at jasminekaurmann.com.

Connect with Jasmine on Instagram: JasmineKaurMann